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BMW owners know that their cars come with many special features. Leather interiors and superior handling are commonly enjoyed. Perhaps you are in possession of the new M3 Coupe, with its V-8, 414 horsepower engine and flared fenders. Drivers in love with a sports drive likely have a BMW Z3 Coupe or Roadster sitting in their garages. The control you get behind the wheel of a Z3 is what many sports car drivers relish. Many savor their morning and evening commutes much more now that they have chosen their BMWs. The ride in your BMW can be made even more pleasurable when you use quality M3 speakers or Z3 speakers in conjunction with your car's audio system. Speakers can make or break your enjoyment of your music as you drive along, so it makes sense to invest in speakers that do their job well.

Speakers in your vehicle, or anywhere else, are the go-between to convert the digital signals stored in various formats into sounds that you can hear. Sound is created by changes in air pressure that produces a wave that, when it reaches your eardrum, vibrates it, which our brains receive as a sound. Your favorite musical artist, for example, sings his or her song into a microphone, and it is encoded as an electrical bit or byte on whatever recording media is being used. When you play these electrical signals back on your iPod, for example, the amplifier in your iPod sends the electrical signal to the speaker, which turns it into vibrations that your ears can pick up as sounds, and thus you can hear your song.

A good set of speakers is quite sensitive to changes in air pressure, which results in a better quality sound when your songs play on those speakers. Speakers consist of a diaphragm, voice coil, magnets, and some type of enclosure. The diaphragm, which is also known as a driver, is held in suspension over the voice coil, which is attached to the bottom of the diaphragm. Under the diaphragm and the voice coil is the permanent magnet. Vibrations to the diaphragm are caused when electricity flows through the voice coil. Fluctuations in the electrical current cause the vibrations to occur in the voice coil, because the electromagnet of the voice coil is both attracted to and repelled by the permanent magnet beneath it. Thus, vibrations in the diaphragm occur, based on the electrical signal from your song, which leads to the production of sound waves. Because higher-pitched sounds are produced at higher frequencies of vibration, those sounds are best produced on a driver designed to accommodate more vibration. Those are tweeters. Low sounds come across as most lifelike on drivers called woofers, while midrange drivers capture the midrange frequencies best.

It's the simple things in life that can make it most enjoyable, and excellent sound produced from M3 speakers and Z3 speakers is one of those that mean so much.

Wayne Hemrick is an audio technician specializing in the installation of the M3 speakers and Z3 speakers in bmw autos. Waynes knowledge about the many audio features and upgrades for your BMW, makes installation of speakers quick and easy. If you are considering upgrading your bmw stereo system to include the M3 speakers or Z3 speakers, this clear explanation of speakers for bmw autos is a good place to start.


Your BMW z3 is such a delight to drive. There is nothing like heading out on the open road in this wonderful vehicle, except taking a spin in your z3 while listening to your favorite music or books on tape. There are many online sources for BMW audio upgrades. Most carry a full line of customized BMW z3 speakers as well as BMW car stereo accessories and kits for ipod, bluetooth and satellite radio integration fitting into your car's existing radio and navigation interfaces. Your BMW z3 audio system can be much improved quickly and easily.

Your BMW z3 speakers will make or break the quality of sound that you can achieve in your z3. Popular aftermarket audio components include speakers for BMW z3 audio systems available in speaker packages, subwoofer systems and speaker pairs.

Customized speakers for BMW z3 audio systems are designed to fit in your z3 with no modifications to the interior of the vehicle at all. These speaker packages come as plug and play units, making it easy even for non-mechanics to change out the speakers. By simply upgrading your speakers alone you will notice a marked improvement in the sound quality of your BMW car stereo.

BMW subwoofer systems are the perfect choice for when you want your BMW z3 audio to have maximum bass capabilities. Typically, subwoofer systems take up a great deal of room in your trunk; however, many companies offers subwoofer systems that conserve your cargo space.

Speaker pairs make a great choice when you want maximum control over every aspect of sound quality produced by your BMW audio system. Select from tweeters, midranges and midbases designed to fit your BMW z3. Tweeters are used to amplify and improve the high-pitched sounds in your music. You can replace the tweeters that came from the factory in your z3 by simply plugging in the new ones. Look for customized midrange speakers for both the z3 roadster and coupe. Without properly functioning midrange speakers, you will have distorted vocals, guitars and other sounds in your music. Only basic tools are needed to switch out these types of speakers. New midbases are easy to replace by simply keeping the factory grilles that come standard in your z3 in place. This keeps your interior looking just as it did when you bought it. Durable materials are used in the construction of our midbase speakers, so that they will last for several years.

Your BMW z3 audio system can benefit from upgrades including ipod integration and speaker upgrades. Most audio solution providers carry auxiliary input and installation accessories to make your BMW z3 audio system upgrade a breeze.

Audio sound system expert Wayne Hemrick writes about the bmw z3 audio system.

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Unveiling in Geneva: On the occasion of the Automobilsalon, Prof Dr Burkhard Göschel, BMW Group Board Member Purchasing and Development, introduced a new racing car for customer motor racing. The Motorsport Version of the BMW Z4 M Coupé, which has already made a big impression as a production model, is the first two-seater BMW Motorsport offers for customer teams. When it came to the development, BMW faced a huge challenge: The car had to have what is needed to race successfully on the world’s most demanding and spectacular racetrack, the Nürburgring’s famous Nordschleife. The new motorsport coupé can be used by private BMW customer teams in the German Endurance Championship and in the Nürburgring 24-Hour Race. 
The power unit of the beefy coupe is a BMW Motorsport designed 3.2-litre in-line 6-cylinder engine delivering about 400bhp, with the suspension area in particular benefiting from the knowledge gained from the successful BMW M3 GTR project.

With its varied component ranges, BMW Motorsport and BMW Racing Parts Distribution offer customer teams a new technology platform for use in many miscellaneous international racing and club sport series, with the Nordschleife enthusiasts not being the only interested party, as the brawny coupe also represents the perfect car for use in the Belgian Belcar series and other, non-European, endurance series.

The kit can be ordered from May 2006 at BMW Motorsport and will be available for an estimated 
€ 250,000 (plus VAT).


A car with a top that can be folded or removed is called a convertible car. Celebrities driving convertibles such as Mini Cooper, BMW 330ci, BMW Z4, Audi, Quattro, 1957 Porsche Speedster Replica are a common sight in films and television. Many tourists and vacationers love getting behind the wheel of such cars as it allows them to enjoy the ride with wind blowing past them. There are many who love to travel in these cars keeping the top open to enjoy sunlight, rainfall or snow fall. There are many car rental companies in the US that provide convertibles on rent. These companies ensure that customers enjoy the ride on a convertible with safety.

Customers interested in renting convertible cars are advised to book with car rental companies well in advance of their trip. Normally, the offices of these companies are open Monday to Friday between 10 AM - 8 PM. Any individual above the age of 25 years and in possession of a valid driving license are eligible for renting a car. Customers older than 30 years of age can go for higher end convertible models such as Bentley, Lamborghini viper and Ferrari.

Most rental companies provide delivery to all major airports and local hotels. Payments to car rental companies can be made through credit card, debit card, checks, cash or travelers' checks. Some of these companies offer special three- day and seven-day packages.

Different charges are applicable for different models of convertibles. Customers are allowed some free miles and excess miles are charged at approximately $0.5 to $2 per mile. For each additional driver, rental companies usually charge $50. Customers can cancel their booking after paying a cancellation fee, which can be as little as $50 if informed well in advance or at a day's charge if done within 72 hours of the schedule, depending on the company's policy.

Riding in convertible car is a great experience. Tourists and businessmen alike enjoy renting and driving convertibles during their trips. It is essential to check the credentials of the car rental company as also the maintenance of the rental cars before paying the rental amount.

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To many the Porsche Cayman is just a Boxster with a roof, it looks very similar and is priced very closely as well. In fact the Boxster is actually cheaper to buy and the roof comes down for those summer drives.

Take a closer look at the Cayman and you will see it is actually a pure driver's car. You could say "911 ownership for Boxster money" but that's just a matter of opinion.

The Cayman is completely different to the Boxster, it has a more driver focussed set up and a bigger more powerful engine.

How the Cayman Started

Porsche decided that they needed a car to slot in as a mid-range sports coupé. The engineers got to work on a new car, which they called the Cayman.

This car was developed in under two years which is pretty fast, but as you can see it shares many parts from other vehicles. There is 40% from the Boxster and about 30% from the Carrera, even the engine is a hybrid created from both cars.

Porsche wanted to create an affordable drivers car for its enthusiasts, this was because the 911 was getting bigger and more expensive to buy. What the company didn't want was for the car to be in direct competition, but they might have made the Cayman a little too good.

The Cayman S was driven round the Nurburgring in 8:11 minutes, that's 7.0 seconds faster than the Boxster S and 4.0 seconds faster than the 997 Carrera 3.6.

Launched in 2006 the Cayman S, and later in 2007 the basic Cayman, both cars received good reviews and sold in big numbers around the world.

The Cayman's history


When the Cayman S was launched it was equipped with a 3.4 litre295 hp engine. This engine was a combination of the 3.2 Boxter engine and the top end off the Carrera 3.6. The car was equipped with PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management). This gave it an "aggressive" and more "direct feel" that Porsche purists wanted. Options included 19 inch wheels, an aero package, and the choice of a 6 speed manual or a 5 speed Tiptronic gear box.


Porsche released the base model Cayman which had a 2.7 litre245 hp engine in it. This was offered in either a 5 speed manual or a 5 speed Tiptronic gear box. This car was popular in the automatic gear box and was aimed at drivers who didn't want such a "hard feel" to their car.


To celebrate Porsche Design Chronograph Time Piece's the "Design Edition 1"was released (only 777 units). This car was based on the "S", although there was no power increase the car added luxury and sophistication to the model range. Using only dark materials and fine attention to detail the Edition 1 feels very special.


The S Sport was created as a limited edition run of 700 units, it had a power increase of 303 hp. The car was available with limited edition wheels and six non-metallic colors, including the GT3's green and orange. The power increase comes thanks to a new exhaust system which gives a slightly deeper sound.


The second generation model was released towards the end of "09", this included a face lift and up graded engines.

Firstly power was increased on the "S" to 320 hp and 265 hp on the normal car. The engine on the base model has been made larger from 2.7 to 2.9 litresgiving it more power to compete with its rivals.

Porsches PDK 7 speed gear box has been made an option on both gears in place of the 5 speed Tiptronic. Also 6 speed manual gear boxes are available on the two cars.

On the outside LED lights have been added with day time lights at the front. The wheels have been made wider to house the bigger brakes, and ceramic brakes are also available as an option now. A tuned chassis and LSD are now part of the car giving it an even more hard-edged drive.

How it sits with the competition

The Cayman's two German competitors the BMW Z4 and the Audi TT are no match for the Porsche in terms of driver feel and involvement. The Cayman is the only non-turbo car out of the three and yes it is slower on the 0-62 times, but the Porsche feels more connected to the road and controllable. The new BMW Z4 35is is not as driver focussed as the previous one and is considered more of a touring car, also the coupé version does not sell very well. The Audi TT RS is a very good car and on paper is quicker and more powerful but does not have to balance of the Cayman, and around the track the "S" version is a lot more fun.

BMW Z4 35is Power 340 hp @ 5900 rpm Engine 3 litre 6 cylinder Top Speed 155 (limited) 0-62 mph 4.8 secs (with DCT)

Audi TTRS Power 340 hp @ 6500 rpm Engine 2.5 litre5 cylinder Top Speed 174 0-62 mph 4.6 secs (4.4 with S tronic)

Cayman S Power 320 hp @ 7200 rpm Engine 3.4 litre6 cylinder Top speed 171 mph 0-62 mph 5.2 secs (5.1 with PDK and 4.9 with PDK Plus)

Final Thoughts

This car is a very capable track day vehicle and will have any driver enjoy lap after lap. Also it can be a daily commuter to and from work. The beauty of this car is that it can be parked outside your house in the street and not attract unwanted attention.

For those who do not need such a high performance car the base model 2.9 is a perfect stepping stone to Porsche ownership. It has a comfortable ride and enough performance that doesn't leave you wanting more.

Overall the Cayman fits almost too well into the Porsche line up, but it is such a good car and a real alternative to the Carrera 3.6. Find out more on how to own a Porsche for less here.

BMW Z4 2010

The BMW Z4, along with its Z3 predecessor, have been staples in the BMW roadster lineup for over a decade. With a firm suspension, rigid construction, and high-powered engine, the Z4 has been known to take any driver from zero to hero in no time flat. Utilizing the same inline-6 cylinder engine that's made the BMW 3 series the most popular mid-sized cars in the world, the Z4 commands the respect of any driver who knows the capabilities of the car. On the mountain roads, or just driving to the store, the Z4 shines with its true colors.

The 2010 BMW Z4 has two engine options, both being available in the more popular 3 series cars: The normally-aspirated 3.0 liter found in the base trim, and the turbocharged 3.0 liter found in the higher-end model. The normally-aspirated engine is exactly what you would expect from a BMW engine: It's a smoothly running engine that exudes class and refinement, all while delivering 255 horsepower to the rear wheels. Its 220 foot-pounds of torque provides ample passing ability on the highway, making this engine suitable for those who routinely cruise at high speeds on the Autobahn. Its fuel economy is also unsurpassed for an engine of this output: 19 mpg city, 28 mpg highway is standard in the manual transmission models.

For those who want a bit more acceleration and speed from their BMW Z4s, there is a second engine option: The turbocharged 3.0 liter inline-6, featuring 300 horsepower and 300 foot-pounds of torque. This is exactly the same engine found in its BMW 335i cousin, and is no less riveting. With peak torque found at a lazy but impressive 1400 RPM, fuel economy is preserved throughout a wide range of speeds. Expect 18 mpg city, 25 mpg highway from this brute.

Learn more about with subjects such as BMW Z4 Engine and other related areas of interest.


Among the compact sports cars, the BMW Z4, Porsche Cayman and Porsche Boxster stand out. But which is you? And why did BMW and Porsche wait so long before making the coupes? There is no Boxster coupe, but the Cayman is virtually the same - but uprated.

It might appear peculiar the two German companies, well-known for high-performance and sporty vehicles, waited to make an announcement about their coupes at the same time. The answer lies in why they introduced the roadsters in the first place.

Porsche wanted a new, smaller model to increase its market coverage. Not everyone loves the 911, and not everyone wants a coupe. So it made sense to select the mid-engine layout - the 911 is rear-engined - and the better balance that gives in designing the Boxster. At the same time, the addition of an open-top racer would also increase sales. And both tricks worked.

But what about BMW? Well, BMW wished to build autos in the United States, and did not want to build the same autos it built in Germany as that would increase costs. So it decided to build a racer for the US market, although it would be marketed elsewhere.

At that time there was more potential volume for a boulevard cruiser sort of two-seater than an out-and-out sports car in the United States, so the BMW Z3 was born. It was a rather tall car for a sports auto, and though a hardtop was offered, it looked peculiar, making the car look even taller than it was.

Z4 more sporty than Z3

The BMW Z3 did not actually catch on in Europe, so the Z4 was designed as a more sporty automobile than the Z3, and with its 3-liter engine which develops 265 bhp, is a good match in performance for the Porsche Boxster. Meanwhile, Porsche made a decision to fill out its range with an additional model, to be priced between the Boxster and the 911. In reality, the Cayman is based on the Boxster, but has more sporty suspension, and has a larger engine. Now, though you can get a Cayman with a 2.7 liter engine as well as the 3.4 litre job. The Boxster gets 2.7 and 3.2 liters.

Because Porsche makes flat-six engines, it can easily produce engines of different capacities from 2.7 to 3.8 liters, and many parts are shared by all of them.

If you are looking for a sporty automobile, then you will want to look at the Z4 3-liter, which produces 265 bhp, and reaches 60 mph in 5.5 seconds, a time matched by the Boxster 3.2. The Cayman is a fragment faster, getting to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. Mind, if you need maximum performance from these vehicles, you can get the BMW Z4 M, with over three hundred bhp on tap.

Choosing between Z4 and Cayman

But when it comes to the choice between the Z4 and Cayman coupes,you will be influenced by which one looks better. Though the Z4 looks miles better than the Z3 it does have some quirky lines, which don't appeal to everybody, and the coupe is no better.

The Cayman has the customarily slick Porsche lines, with a long tail and built-in spoiler which looks good. On the road performance is not much different, and both have super engines and gearboxes, but they don't do things in quite the same way. The Cayman is a superbly balanced vehicle that may be driven fast with confidence, but if you need to hang the tail out, the Z4 might be more to your liking.

Both are great sports automobiles, and will give you a lot of fun. What else should you consider? Nissan's 350Z is also quite a vehicle, with a lusty V-6, the Mercedes-Benz 350 SLK 350 and new Audi TT are also worth having a look at.

For more reviews about sports cars, visit and while you are at it, you might also want to have a look at buy used BMW 6 Series.

Do you like fast cars? If yes, you may also visit to get more information about the fastest cars in the world. Also, you might want to check out old BMW 5 Series.



Now the 2008 BMW Z4 is being sold, and no doubt there will be many people going out to get their very own. This car comes as either a Roadster or a Coupe, and no matter which one you decide to own, you'll get all the greatness you've come to expect from a name like BMW. You'll enjoy the pleasure of driving this car and you'll find that the drive is amazingly intensive. The 2008 model of this car is better than every before, and thanks to a few equipment features that are brand new, this racy car that only seats two, is becoming even more attractive.

You can get the car in two special editions - Sport and Exclusive. These special editions are available in the BMW Z4 Coupe as well as the BMW Z4 Roadster. They come along with some great premium equipment packages in them, and because of the new editions, this car is emerging as a fascinating car that you are sure to love.

The power train technology in the Z4 has been further refined for the model year of 2008. All of the six cylinder models have a very innovative and special rear axle transmission. This allowed BMW to optimize the fuel consumption even more and also allowed them to reduce the emission levels as well. So, these cars are now reaching their optimum levels of efficiency ever in the year 2008. With all of these new upgrades, BMW is showing that it has the ability to offer great driving dynamics as well as excellent fuel consumption by using great new technical innovations on the cars.

One of the ways that BMW has been able to reduce the emission levels and fuel consumption in these cars is by using the Special BMW Efficient Dynamics strategy that is now being used in all of the cars that are made by BMW. This includes using a special friction optimized transmission that is in the rear axle for all of the six cylinder calls. Now, due to these new innovations, these cars are able to strengthen further their position at the top of their classes, both in emission levels and fuel economy as well.

The Edition Exclusive

One of the editions offered on the 2008 BMW Z4 is the Edition Exclusive. This equipment package is available for both the Coupe and the Roadster alike. Both the interior and the exterior show the elegance and lavish luxury of this special edition. The cars come with special seats for both the front passenger and the driver that are heated. The sport steering wheel is leather clad as well. On the exterior of the car you'll notice that there are special attractive body paints offered that are metallic in nature. Some of the paint colors that you can choose from include Sapphire Black, Status, Silver Grey, Monaco Blue, as well as Titanium Silver.

You an also choose the seat covers that you want in the car. The leather is soft nappy and you can choose from Syrah Blue, Amarone, and Carmel for the interior color. There are also other leather features you can get optionally as well. You can get leather on the center console and the roll over bar as well. The interior trim can be leather wrapped or it can be done is special high gloss piano finish as well. This package can also be combined with other equipment packages, such as Open Air, Advantage, and Sport.

The Edition Sport

The other edition that you can choose for your 2008 BMW Z4 is the Edition Sport. This is a bit different than the Edition Exclusive. It offers special color combinations for the interior upholstery, the trim, and for the exterior of the car as well. Also, you can get special M sport seats in the Edition Sport as well. Some of the colors you can get on the exterior include metallic colors like Silver Grey, Carbon Black, Titanium Silver, Montego Blue, and Sapphire Black. For the leather seats in the car you can choose from New England Bicolor seats that come in Phoenix Yellow, Estoril Blue, and Silverstone and Imola Red. You can get the same bi color look on the trim as well. Also, you can choose light alloy wheels for the vehicle, which includes alloys in the special V spoke 152 design as well.

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BMW Z4 2011

BMW has unveiled its coupe version of the Z4 at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005. BMW Z4 is a, 2-door, rear wheel drive sports car designed by Chris Bangle and was manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is made bigger and more powerful than its ancestor - Z3.

Z4 was originally built as a roadster. However, this year a coupe version was eventually introduces to the automotive world. It exudes Bangle's controversial 'flame surfacing' design which is said to be aggressive yet stylish. This design is also noticeable in most BMW vehicles.

The stunner of the 2005 Frankfurt auto show was produced in May 2006. BMW Z4 comes in two distinct flavors - the 255-hp 3.0si and the 330-hp M. BMW's new Z4 3.0si is designed to be fascinating and fun. To grab the attention of the fanatics, Z4 coupe is given a sloping, double-bubble roof that tapers to the rear like a droplet. The front suspension of Z4 is also made different from its ancestor. Said suspension is based on E30 BMW 3-Series only that in the recent version, said is made more advanced. The bigger engines power outputs range from 170 hp (2.2i) to 231 hp (3.0i). On the other hand, the base of the car uses an updated version of the 3.0 L straight-6 N52 engine that produces 195 kW and 315 Nom. This is done to accumulate primed speed.

BMW Z4 is also furnished with tempting equipment. Its pride includes the BMW Z4 alloy wheel, electric roof, standard air-conditioning, CD player, twin front and side airbags, leather upholstery and sports steering wheel. Further, its electronic driver assists in the stability control as well as cover traction.

Prices for BMW Z4 3.0si coupe start at $40,795, $2000 less than its ragtop counterpart. Moreover, the price is almost $10,000 lower than the base price of its rival - Porsche Cayman.


Joe Thompson is the owner of a successful auto body shop in Ferndale, California. This 38 year old is also a prolific writer, contributing automotive related articles to various publications.

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If your desire for fun outweighs practical needs a roadster could be the car for you - with the BMW Z4 one of the most eye-catching.

The BMW Z4 is one of the more intriguing sports cars currently available. It's known for its engaging handling and steering, thrilling inline six-cylinder engine and distinctive styling. Recent improvements have made the latest Z4 the best yet, and older models are still a very viable choice for a used sports car.

You know you like a car's looks when you get out, take a look back, walk away, and take another look. The BMW Z4 is one of those cars. It combines classic roadster looks with contemporary angles to create a very good-looking car

We drove the Sports trim model featuring a satisfyingly substantial three-spoke steering wheel which is good to hold. The gear knob and handbrake are well positioned for the Z4's low-down, sporty seating position. The speedometer and rev counter are easily visible through the spokes with audio and air-controls located in the neat, uncluttered central stack.

Both seats are comfortable and do not feel cramped. Cabin-space for objects is limited with meaningful storage combined to a vertical bay between the driver and passenger and small spaces behind the front seats.

BMW Z4 car is a joy to drive in town with sharp steering and a stiff chassis putting a smile on our faces within minutes of getting in the car.

BMW offers a choice of five petrol engines to power the Z4. We drove the 150bhp 2-litre model which boasts a 0-62mph time of 8.2 seconds, and a top speed of 137mph.

The Z4 achieved a four star rating following EuroNCAP tests.

The BMW Z4 can hold its head high when planted next to any roadster.
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BMW 650I

The BMW 650i is a premium sports coupe that comes standard with a 4.8L eight cylinder engine. As is befitting a BMW, the engine is the heart and soul of the car. And this engine does not disappoint; the 4.8L V8 produces three hundred sixty horsepower at six thousand three hundred revolutions per minute. Coupled with this awesome horsepower rating is an equally impressive torque rating; the 650i delivers three hundred sixty pounds of torque at three thousand four hundred revolutions per minute. This powerful engine is able to propel the 650i from zero to sixty miles per hour in five and six-tenths seconds, and the coupe is able to cover the quarter mile in fourteen and one-tenth seconds with a maximum speed of one hundred and three miles per hour.

The engine is mated to a six speed automatic transmission that has both an overdrive and a manual mode. The manual mode of the automatic transmission is similar to the Porsche Tiptronic system; the system allow the driver to use the transmission in automatic mode, or switch to a manual mode which allows the driver to changes gears in a similar fashion to a manual transmission. The 4.8L V8 features a dual overhead cam valve train and a sequential fuel induction system. The engine requires premium unleaded fuel use in order to obtain the maximum power ratings that have been quoted here. The Environmental Protection Agency has rated the 4.8L V8 at fifteen miles per gallon in city driving and twenty-three miles per gallon on the highway. Whether for performance or fuel economy, the 650i delivers superbly in both areas.Learn more about BMW 6 Series Engine and other industry specific topics by visiting the company website.


BMW 535I E39

A lot more than one particular mile above sea stage, situated in the heart of Sequoia National Park, may be the Basic Sherman tree. This virtually three-hundred foot tall Giant Sequoia is considered the largest tree within the world, as based on total volume. Extra impressive when compared with its mass is its age - scientists think it really is between 2,300 and 2,700 many years old. Giant Sequoias have prospered more than centuries, though many lesser trees have come and gone, since they posses really distinctive qualities. Their foot-thick bark enables them to resist fire, and their shallow roots take advantage of rain showers throughout periods of drought. And, in an interesting twist of natural survival, their tall canopies successfully block the sun, preventing opponents from taking hold and surviving within the darkened shadows at their base.

The BMW 5 Series is in a comparable position. The long-established benchmark mid-size hobby sedan finds itself inside a constant battle with rivals attempting to push it aside in an effort to capture its territory. Instead of resting on its laurels, BMW re-engineers the four-door once just about every eight years to conform to a changing and ever crowding segment.

Introduced earlier this year, the all-new 2011 BMW 6 String breaks new ground. Now sharing platforms together with the 7 Set, the sedan looks to have changed its tune from sport to luxury. We spent a week with all the range-topping 550i, fitted with all the automaker's twin-turbo 400-horsepower V8, to put our fingers on its new mission.

The BMW 4 Collection isn't nearly as old as General Sherman, but it does have its personal impressive lineage. Intended as a replacement for the "New Six" sedans in the early 1970s, the 4 Collection was the fifth of BMW's "new series" cars. The first 6 String sedans (known internally as type E12) were fitted with four- or six-cylinder gasoline engines sending power to your rear wheels. The second-generation models (E28) followed the exact same template, but that chassis is credited with introducing diesel powerplants and also the astounding M5 - the fastest production sedan on the planet when it was launched in 1984. The third-generation platform (E34) brought enthusiasts eight-cylinder strength, an engine configuration that located its way under the hood with the fourth-generation (E39) M5 design. The fifth-generation model (E60) has been around since 2004. Last year, it was offered which has a twin-turbo inline-6, V8 and V10 (M5) powerplants.

As you read in our Initially Drive in January, the all-new sixth-generation 4 Series (F10) has moved substantially upscale. Now riding on a modified 7 String platform (thus making it simple for BMW to produce each the five String and 7 Collection at its plant in Dingolfing, Germany), the slightly smaller sedan practically equals its bigger sibling when it comes to deluxe sessions and ride consolation. The two even share most with the identical power plants and drivelines.

In the launch with the five Collection, we spent many hours behind the wheel from the "entry-level" 535i type equipped with BMW's single-turbo "N55" inline-6 and new eight-speed computerized. That car or truck was installed with the optional paddle shifters (Activity Computerized) and next-generation electrical Integral Active Steering (IAS).!.! Now we now have our hands on the range-topping 400-horsepower 550i while using regular automatic transmission and typical electric steering.

The base MSRP of your 2011 BMW 550i is $59,700 (plus $875 destination)!!! Our check vehicle, wearing Titanium Silver Metallic paint through Cinnamon Brown leather, is installed with the Convenience Package deal (comfort access entry), Dynamic Dealing with Package deal, Premium Package deal 2 (rearview camera, rear sunshades, heated entrance seats, iPod and USB adapter, satellite radio and premium hi-fi audio), Activity Package deal (19-inch alloys, sport steering wheel and multi-contour seats) and split fold-down rear seats. The bold number on the bottom of our window sticker reads $70,450.

Interestingly sufficient, our automobile just isn't heavily optioned. In fact, we would have added the Game Computerized with shift paddles (more on that later), four-zone climate management and Smartphone integration. Although we do not condone such behavior, you'll be able to further burden your 5 String with evening vision, side and top view cameras, a head-up show, radar cruise handle and 20-inch factory alloy wheels. That has a heavy hand on the possibilities list, a non-M product 2011 5 String can top $95,000. *Gulp.*

The cabin of our test vehicle arrived loaded with premium Dakota leather (normal on the 550i) and dark Burl Ash wood with contrasting aluminum trim. A silver exterior in excess of brown upholstery just isn't a color combination they teach at Art Center in Pasadena, but it looks sharp inside the new sheet metal. Primary instrumentation is logically distributed and easy-to-read under virtually all conditions (kudos to BMW for giving us an oil temperature gauge). Satellite navigation, standard within the 550i, upgrades the center details screen to a razor-sharp 10.2-inch 1280 x 480 pixel "transreflective" display, meaning light from the sun really enhances the images to the display screen (the screen, and all other displays, are easily learn via polarized sunglasses, too)..! The passenger compartment is beautifully trimmed, both inviting and functional, however the huge news is beneath the hood.

In contrast towards the 3.0-liter single-turbo "N55" inline-six found underneath the hood of your 535i (rated at 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque), the 550i is installed using a direct-injected four.4-liter twin-turbo "N63" V8 punching out 400 horsepower and a stump-pulling 450 pound-feet of torque. Whilst a six-speed manual transmission is offered (more kudos to BMW), our check vehicle arrived installed together with the automaker's new buttery-smooth eight-speed automated (ZF 8HP70)! The two turbochargers, nestled inside valley between the cylinders, do a fine job of boosting atmospheric pressure proper off idle. Throttle lag is negligible, and ability is powerful and seamless. BMW says the 550i will hit 60 mph in 5 seconds flat on its way towards an artificial electronic wall at 150 mph. Until the next-gen M5 arrives, this could be the quickest 6 Collection to the market.

We had a person week with the 550i. As most vehicles appear rather competent in 20-minute bursts round town, when speeds never ever exceed 50 mph and seats often feel fresh and comfy, we had some thing somewhat much more challenging in thoughts for BMW's new 7 Sequence - we took it to visit Normal Sherman. With 4 people on board as well as a decent amount of gear from the trunk, the one-day, 600-mile round-trip drive involved hundreds of miles of mind-numbing highways, capped by an invigorating 7,000-foot climb in to the southern Sierra Nevada mountain vary. The plan was to turn all around and head back again home that evening.

The 4 Collection sedan would prove to become a relaxed fit. Our six-foot two-inch frame drops into the 18-way multi-contour entrance seats and melts. With articulated upper backrests, and extendable lower cushions, the seats are a lot more comfy than your mother's womb (and they heat up equally as warm)!!! The rear seats are acceptable for adults, but the space would in no way be regarded as generous, because the backs of your entrance seats aren't sculpted for rear passenger knees. (In truth, the 4 Collection rear seating area only has about an inch in each dimension around the smaller three Set "E90" sedan.) We did uncover trouble installing a child booster from the back seat, as the thick outboard seat bolsters forced the plastic seat inward, covering the female end of the seat belt buckle.

Final year's 550i (E60) was fitted which has a 4.8-liter normally-aspirated "N62" V8, rated at 360 horsepower and 360 pound-feet of torque. It is difficult to feel, however the new four hundred horsepower twin-turbo 4.4-liter makes the outgoing engine seem anemic. Round town, the 550i launches with really serious authority. The accelerator goes down and all skulls are pressed back again in to the head restraints. Strangely adequate, there is not a entire lot of noise to accompanying the thrust - it is eerie, nearly electrical. The eight-speed gearbox (the 535i and 550i don't share the very same transmission) shifts by way of the gears smoothly, but not as quickly as we'd have expected.

On the highway, the mid-size sedan cruises extremely fast, and extremely quietly. With engine noise successfully (deliberately?) muted, there's only a faint whisper from the outdoors wind (the 550i's drag coefficient is.30) plus the dampened rumble of the wide run-flat tires rolling around irregular street surfaces. Velocity is just not a concern, as the five Set relishes triple digits. The serene cabin creates an exceptional atmosphere for conversation (or listening for the premium audio technique), as passenger voices are held at low dining space levels. Averaging just much less than 25 mpg within the open street, the miles roll by more quickly than the days of summer.

Off the highway, we started the long climb up East Kings Canyon Path (Hwy 180), just outside Fresno. Because of forced induction, the 550i is all but immune towards the high ambient temperatures and rapidly gaining altitude. We utilized the 450 pound-feet of torque to effortlessly pass numerous cars exhaustively wheezing in our path. The path eventually became twisty, but the BMW didn't flinch. Because of the Dynamic Handling Package, body roll is practically absent. Our 3 passengers cry "uncle" prolonged prior to the tires protest.

The steering is properly weighed and incredibly accurate, but a bit numb ("isolated" is probably a far better description). There has been plenty of negative press with regards to new electric steering technology, but we did not find it a deal breaker because it seems to match the tone set by the rest of the car. That stated, we became accustom to it inside an hour and did not have any issues dodging cantaloupe-sized pine cones inside street.

Our huge gripe, even so, is directed at the transmission. To be perfectly blunt, there isn't a single electronic setting we like. When the toggle (situated to the left of the transmission shifter) is in "Comfort" or "Normal" mode, the gearbox looks to have a mind of its personal because it constantly shifts to higher gears seeking fuel economy (EPA 17 mpg city / 25 mpg highway). In search of much more ability, we keep goosing the throttle commanding the opposite reaction. Within the other hand, when in "Sport" or "Sport+" mode, the transmission is extra responsive but wouldn't go into eighth gear. As we alluded to earlier, our take a look at car or truck is missing the "Sport Automatic" alternative, a serious omission. This $500 upgrade adds correct paddle shifters and remaps the transmission for quicker shifting (plus, it permits you to additional tune the steering and throttle response by way of the Driving Dynamics Handle)..! It could only make items superior.

The headlights are absolutely amazing. The HID assemblies deliver stunning white-hot illumination that blankets every thing in front in the car, yet somehow fails to annoy oncoming drivers. Because of the adaptive bi-xenon setup, driving down a dark and unknown mountain road (typically a white-knuckle adventure) did not raise our pulse a single beat. The navigation system, including iDrive, is intuitive and useful (finally!)!!! The maps are displayed in conventional manner, or overlaid on geographic satellite imagery that impresses everyone. Lastly, the oversize disc brakes are confidence inspiring. No matter how a lot pace is carried, the 6 Series stops inside a controlled manner and with space to spare.

With out question, the 2011 BMW 550i is significantly improved more than its predecessor. However, something that was started out a couple generations ago has finally completed its gestation. Just ten many years ago, the 7 Series (E39) was a hobby sedan for those who had outgrown the entry-level design - it was typically described as a bigger and much more powerful 3 Series with upgraded appointments. In stark contrast, today's new five Sequence has become a much less costly 7 String.

Although trying to trump its sturdy opponents, BMW has burdened the 550i that has a long list of accessible luxuries never prior to seen on a 6 Sequence platform. The soft-close doors and energy operated trunk lid are immediately obvious, but you will find also hundreds of pounds of insulation, isolation and amenities buried inside. That said, the 2011 BMW 550i suggestions the scales at four,376 pounds - a startling four hundred kilos much more than the eight-cylinder Porsche Panamera S.

There was a time when the BMW 5 String was intended to be the benchmark four-door activity sedan. It was the quickest, fastest and best-handling five-place saloon about the planet. Details are a bit various today. The all-new 2011 550i, the current performance leader within the 5 Series model vary, seems to target luxury very first, and sport second. It can be an impressively engineered machine, an absolute pleasure to drive, but its new focus so changes the product that its mannerisms bear little resemblance to its predecessors. BMW hasn't lost its touch, but today's 4 Set seems to become chasing a various target. The remaining question is whether this change in focus will let adequate light as a result of the 5 Series' stifling canopy for extra sporting competitors to grab a foothold.


The BMW 5-Series GT will soon be available in an all-wheel drive xDrive version, specifically aimed at the US market. It should come into direct competition with the Mercedes R-Class, which has been available since its launch date in 4Matic all-wheel drive.
The first available version of the 5-Series GT four wheel drive will be the 550i GT xDrive, which will be available from June. In September the 535i and 530d will also be available with xDrive, and the models are expected to cost about 7,000 euros more than the standard rear wheel drive model.

BMW 535 GT

Remember a few years ago when we were trying to figure out the crossover? We just couldn't get the idea of a sort-of car on a car chassis but tall almost like an SUV. Now crossovers are everywhere, and their sales appeal has saved not a few car companies.
Our newest challenge in vehicular innovation is the "coupelike" sedan that sits somewhere between a four-door and a crossover. We've just now effortlessly egressed from the tall 2010 BMW 5 Series GT in Portugal after driving many, many miles, and our mind is swimming with what this all means. Making its public debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show this month, the 5 Gran Turismo is not quite as shocking a product moment as the Porsche Panamera, but it is an entirely new test for the Bimmer faithful.
Does it drive like an Ultimate Driving Machine? We cannot wholeheartedly say yes. Does it drive like a 2006 Pontiac Montana? Absolutely not.
The 2010 BMW 5 GT has a lot going for it, but it's most likely going to take a massively innovative marketing effort to convince BMW aficionados in key markets (read: North America) that it is worthy of the Bavarian roundel, and to persuade people new to BMW that it is worth the premium swan dive into larger monthly payments in these uncertain times.
Here's Your Brief
What BMW bosses handed their designers to tackle back in late 2005 was the company's first vehicle meant to cater blatantly to upper-middle-class family life. But it couldn't be too blatantly a family carrier or the minivan thing would soon scare away the all-important image-conscious orthodontists and corporate managers. And thus started the usual design challenge, as all the cooks in the kitchen tell one another that it needs to be a little bit this and a little bit that, ad infinitum. The risk of turning such a notion into something that means nothing in particular to anyone must have loomed large.
First, the 5 GT is not a 5 Series at all, really. The wheelbase and both track widths are identical to those of the new 7 Series, with which it shares the really good F01 modular chassis that has been created for use with the next 5 and 6 Series as well as the new 7 Series.
Since the GT is 4.3 inches taller than the current-generation 535i sport wagon (and 3.5 inches squatter than the X6), the ease of entry and exit is right on with the design brief — the height is perfect for the everyday. Regarding interior space, the 5 GT is pure genius and we could easily see ourselves driving it cross-country nonstop if the fuel tank held 200 gallons of unleaded and there were a port-a-john aboard. It's particularly spacious in the rear, offering the legroom of a 7 Series and the headroom of an X5.
Looking Good?
Here's where we hesitate. Looking at every single current BMW model up until today, we can say without hesitation that they are all justifiably sexy and/or handsome.
If anyone looks straight on at the rear end of the BMW 5 GT and uses the adjective "sexy" or "handsome," then we must have changed planets. We can deal pretty easily with the 5 GT from a few angles, but the full-on rear view is just not pleasing to the eye.
BMW Group design head Adrian von Hooydonk, along with design leader of the BMW brand Anders Warming, will have several weeks' worth of heated explaining ahead of them. (We can hear former BMW design director Chris Bangle calling out from his grappa farm even now, "Welcome to my world, boys!") Both of these design talents were present in Portugal for our early drive and it was clear that they were aware that this robust discussion was soon to begin.
Working Good
We love the big fastback tailgate deal on any car you care to mention. It's even better when this design incorporates a two-stage tailgate that can open as a regular trunk loader or as a full cargo hatch. Here in the 5 GT, we only wish this big hatch solution had been coupled with something as sexy as the styling of the Audi A5 Sportback. The automated rear lid is mostly made of stamped aluminum (as are all door panels and the engine hood), so there is no great effort in managing the opening and closing of this showpiece.
The 5 GT offers 15.5 cubic feet of cargo capacity behind the rear seats. For more room, move one or both rear seat units forward up to 4 inches and you can add 5.3 more cubic feet. Drop the seatbacks forward and collapse the bulkhead to the floor and cargo grows to 60 cubic feet total.
While the rear seats of the 5 Series sport wagon are a form of purgatory and its slab-sided rear doors put the window sills at about your cheekbone, BMW has made the 5 GT's rear environment a first-class experience. This all goes for the standard five-passenger rear bench seat as well as the optional coupe-style two-passenger rear accommodation.
Drives Like a BMW...ish
Keeping in mind the total failure of the Mercedes R-Class to develop much allure, BMW has made certain that you feel like you're in a real BMW as the 5 GT moves down the road. Technology is everywhere and it is of the latest generation, right down to the iDrive system (it's really good, especially with the optional 10.2-inch screen) that we first experienced in the new 7 Series.
The motivation in our particular test car comes from the new N55-generation, 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline-6 matched with a ZF-built eight-speed automatic transmission. The very ready 302 horsepower at 5,800 rpm and turbo-compressed 295 pound-feet of torque between 1,200 and 5,000 rpm do the trick with this 4,442-pound premium transporter.
Our 535i GT naturally had been loaded with almost every option possible, and we found Dynamic Drive Control to be a key asset for driving, modifying shift speed, accelerator response, suspension behavior and steering feel. Leave it all in Sport Plus and you get to 60 mph from a standstill in just 6.3 seconds, and it feels enough like a BMW while doing it. In Comfort, everything goes appropriately cushy for simple cruising. Drivetrain and chassis can be calibrated separately (a fairly unique feature) via iDrive while in Sport mode.
This 535i GT is our favored trim level, as the 530d GT diesel surprisingly feels a bit rough, while the 550i GT V8 wasn't available for testing (though we didn't much care, as a 4.4-liter V8 in a family car seems like overkill).
Even in the Curves?
Standard tires are 18-inch run-flats for the 535i GT (19-inch for the 550i) but our car's optional tires were even bigger — 245/45 R19 98Y front, 275/40 R19 101Y rear Goodyear Excellence Xs. We also had the optional Adaptive Drive suspension, which includes Sachs dampers modified by BMW to recalibrate according to the preference you selected in Dynamic Drive Control.
BMW's Integral Active Steering is also available, just like on our beloved new 7 Series, and this steering assist from the rear wheels is a good thing for the 5 GT. In the bends, we could feel the added volume of the large, relatively flexible body, but the technology BMW gives us compensates well, including the adaptive antiroll bars.
The whole package works as we roll along with low wind and powertrain noise, but the 5 GT is begging to be loaded with three people and their luggage, because we could feel the enthusiasm of the rear end as we drove alone with nothing but a notepad for cargo. This N55 engine now includes variable valve timing and lift, plus direct fuel injection, plus a single twin-scroll KKK-BorgWarner turbocharger offering max boost of 13.0 psi, and it certainly has the get-up-and-go to haul everything up even the steepest climbs without a hiccup.
Family Pricing
BMW has decided to lead off North American deliveries of the 2010 BMW 5 Series GT with the big-ticket 550i GT at $67,400 starting the 5th of December. In spring 2010, we then get this 535i GT and still later xDrive versions and a 528i GT. Put the 535i GT at an estimated $45,000 and you're not far off.
No word on whether the diesel-powered 530d GT could make it over, but we wouldn't advise it. And there will be no M version of the GT. Oh, darn.

BMW 535i

The BMW M5 is a high performance sports race car produced by BMW 5-Series automobile, a racing division of BMW. The sports model was first introduced in 1984 at Amsterdam Motor Show. The sports car was a hand built version utilizing 535i chassis and BMW M1 engine. The mid-sized luxury car is built on the FR layout and it relates to the BMW 5 Series model.

The BMW M5 series model hit the Indian market in the model year 2007. The sports car is powered by a 5.0 liter V10 engine that produces power up to 373 kilo watts at an angular speed of 7750 rpm and maximum torque of 520 Nm at an angular speed of 6100 rpm. The four door sedan model has the seating capacity to accommodate up to five passengers. The fuel tank in the engine has capacity to fill up to 70 liters. The engine in the car is mated to a standard 7-speed M Drive logic sequential manual transmission. The vehicle is featured with an independent front and rear suspension.

As far as the dimensions of the vehicle are concerned, it has the wheel base of 2889 mm. The length, width and the height of the sports car are 4855 mm, 1846 mm and 1469 mm respectively. The curb weight of the car is 1855 kilo grams. The sports car has rack and pinion power assisted steering column, ventilated front and rear discs and 255/40 ZR 19 front and 285/35 ZR 19 rear tires.

Check out the latest BMW M5 Wallpapers

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The all new 2008 Audi A5, four-seat coupe joins an impressive line other high-performing vehicles from Audi and is available in either a 6 speed manual transmission, or the optional 6 speed Tiptronic automatic transmission.

The personification of a luxury sport coupe, the highly stylish A5 features both an elegant interior and exterior design, a number of safety features, as well as crisp handling and a strong overall performance.

Price Range

The price ranges for the 2008 Audi A5 is as follows:

Coupe MSRP price - $39,900, Invoice price - $37,108

Coupe with Tiptronic MSRP price - $41,200, Invoice price - $38,315

New Features and Options for 2008

Some of the new features that Audi has implemented into their 2008 A5 model, which is available in only one trim level, are electromechanical parking brakes, and climate controls with three separate zones. The front suspension system has been redesigned, as well as a longer wheelbase, and an overhaul of the engine, transmission, and steering rack, which all result in improved handling, more precision steering, and better weight distribution.

The 2008 Audi A5 also comes with a basic 48 month or 50,000 mile warranty, as well as 48 months or 50,000 on the powertrain, and a rust warranty of 144 months or unlimited mileage.

Body Style and Options

Described as both muscular yet curvy, the 2008 Audi A5 is unrivaled in its visual appeal and impeccable style. Automatic headlights, fog lights, and daytime running lights are standard on both the A5 coupe and the coupe with Tiptronic, while high intensity discharge headlights are an available option for either.

A power trunk lid, rear spoiler, 18 inch alloy wheels, and a front air dam are also standard features of the Audi A5, as well as interval and rain sensing windshield wipers, and a rear window defogger.

Some optional exterior features of the A5 include heated mirrors, both interior and exterior day or night automatic electrochromic mirrors, and 19 inch alloy wheels.

Either a power or manual sunroof/moonroof are available for the 2008 Audi A5, and it is available in several exterior colors including: Aruba Blue Pearl, Avus Silver Pearl, Brilliant Black, Brilliant Red, Deep Seal Blue Pearl, Ibis White, Ice Silver Metallic, Meteor Gray Pearl, Misano Red Pearl, Quartz Gray Metallic, or Sahara Silver Metallic.

Interior Design and Features

Besides air conditioning and separate driver/front passenger climate controls, the A5 model also features a CD player with subwoofer speakers, cruise control, tilt steering, a leather steering wheel, a trip computer, and a tire inflation/pressure monitor.

Some of the attractive features of the 2008 Audi A5's all leather seats that are finely stitched include multi-adjustable power controls for both the driver and passengers, and front power lumbar support.

Extra seating options for the A5 include heated and power memory front seats, as well as some other optional interior choices such as a navigational system that features an iPod interface, and a premium 505 watt Bang & Olufsen audio system.

The "S" line package is also available for the Audi A5 and includes 19 inch alloy wheels and a sport suspension system, front and rear fascias, sport seats with side bolsters, aluminum interior accents, and for the Tiptronic-equipped coupes, paddle shifters.

The available colors for the leather interior of the A5 include Black, Cinnamon Brown, Light Gray, or Linen Beige.

Performance and Power

Due to the longer wheelbase, the A5 offers more responsive and precise steering action, and the car's Quattro all wheel drive (AWD) system is unparalleled and shared with only one other, the BMW 335xi. The 2008 Audi A5 coupe with or without Tiptronic features a standard 3.2L V6 engine, 265 horsepower (hp) @ 6500 revolutions per minute (RPM), and the torque rating is 243 @ 3250 RPM.

The direct-injection technology of the 3.2L V6 engine allows the manual transmission of the Audi A5 to run from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a mere 5.8 seconds, with the automatic transmission taking a tenth of a second longer.

Safety Features

Some of the safety features that are standard on both the A5 coupe and the coupe with Tiptronic include driver's side, front side, passenger, and side head curtain airbags, along with an anti-trap device located within the trunk, and an anti-theft system.

Power door locks and power windows are also standard, as well as electronic brake assistance and ABS brakes, Audi's well-known Quattro AWD system, and a vehicle stability control system. Another useful safety feature of the 2008 Audi A5 is the optional electronic parking aid in the form of a rearview camera.

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BMW 335D

During the early 1970's, Brock Yates, a senior editor of Car and Driver Magazine created a grueling automobile race from New York City to Redondo Beach, California. What he set out to do was capture an exciting motorsports event that was marketed for the average Joe. Continuing in the essence of its predecessors, the 2011 BMW 335d will be in this year's One Lap of America by Mike Renner, Chris DeYoung, and Steve Maguire.

BMW 335I

BMW calls their coupes, "elegant expressions of individual style and passion, and most automotive enthusiasts would probably agree. Completely redesigned for 2007, today's 3-Series coupe has been renamed the 335i. The crown of the coupe lineup is the 335i xDrive with all-wheel drive and a 300-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine. This is BMW's first twin-turbo inline six.

Engineers decided to revive turbocharging, because of recent technical developments. Relatively small turbochargers minimize the dreaded "turbo lag," since they build up pressure much faster than does a single, larger unit. BMW also offers a 328i coupe with a 230-hp, naturally aspirated 3.0-liter six-cylinder that uses magnesium-aluminum construction. Transmission choices for both include a standard six-speed manual gearbox, or an available six-speed Steptronic automatic.


There has been a major ongoing debate on which luxury car tops the list. Numerous debates and discussions are held on different brands like BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Jaguar, and so on. The brand which has consistently delivered till date is the BMW 7-series. It is available in both new and used segments and some have even branded it as the ultimate driving machine.
The 7-series is one of the top sellers amongst used BMW. Puyallup (WA), Kent (WA), and Edgewood (WA) residents are amongst those in US who own a used 7-series BMW. There are a good number of features that set aside this vehicle from others. Some of the major ones are:
Exterior: The BMW 7-series sports a serious look with a slightly heavier frame than the previous models of BMW.
Performance: This machine has a wonderful performance. It boosts a V8 Turbo engine. Due to this the car can accelerate from 0-60 in less than 10 seconds. The braking system is a computerized 4 wheel equipped with anti-locking system for maximum safety for both the car and the people inside.
Interior: The interior of this make is roomier than the 6-series. The 7-series comes with leather seats which are well equipped with child restraints. You will find dual air bags on the front panel of the car and some models also have side airbags.
Dashboard: You will find a state-of-the-art BOSE surround audio system equipped in the dashboard. The interior of the car is crafted with sound acoustics which gives you a studio like experience from your CD even while driving. The vehicle also comes with a navigational system which uses the GPS technology to help the driver guide the car through major traffic jams in any city.
There are other features of the BMW 7-series vehicle which will surely mesmerize you. The best way to get the detailed information would be from the internet. There has been a steady rise in the demand for a used BMW. Puyallup (WA), Tacoma (WA), and Covington (WA) are some of the cities in US where numerous dealers have come up who deal in used cars.
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BMW 750

The new BMW 7 Series has hit the market in four unique design platforms namely, E68 that was a highly powered hydrogen version, E67 that was a high security version, E66 with extended wheel base, and standard wheel base E65 version. BMW has dropped the manual transmissions across the board, and all latest models work with automatic transmissions.
BMW released 7-series cars in 2007 model year featuring small modifications in both the regions of exterior and interior region. In April 2009, the new model 760Li was formally publicized by the BMW. The car is fully loaded with the dual turbo charged V12 engine that gives out 544 horsepower and permits the vehicle to speed up to 62 mph in only 4.6 seconds!
Coming to the E23 version, it is provided with only 4- speed automatic transmission. In the era of 1994-2001, the model E38 was released with 5-speed manual transmission. The models in the European markets were 7401, 740d, 730d, 725tds, 725tds, and the 750i that generated 240 kilo watts of power.
The F02 and the F01 versions were launched in January 2009 in the form of 5th generation models as a substitution to the 7-series versions belonging to 4th generation. These cars are paired with 6- speed ZF automatic transmission.
The 2010 BMW 7-series cars are equipped with a 3.0 liter 6- cylinder engine finished with the aluminum material and churn out 183 kilo watts of power, and torque of 400 lb ft at 1,750 rotations per minute.
To upgrade the handling efficiency of the car, the twin wishbone replaces the front suspension McPherson strut. The latest version is offered with the combination of iDrive system and several other advanced functionalities.
You may also want to know more about the 2010 BMW 7-Series and check out the latest BMW 7-Series Reviews, pictures as well as specs.


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BMW X3 is one of the high performance versatile SAVs (Sports Activity Vehicle) from the house of BMW that blends all round utility and capability with the handling and performance of a sports car. The 2008 X3 was made available in only one trim -- 3.0 osi, which delivered a power of 260 hp and with the help of 3 liter engine with six cylinders, six speed automatic transmission with S-tronic shifting. A 6-speed manual transmission system was also available optionally.

This model was equipped comprehensively with high end components, which include (but not limited to) 17 inches alloy wheels, a panoramic glass moon roof, leatherette upholstery, tire pressure monitoring system and rain sensing wind shield wipers, and automatic headlight control.

The BMW X3's xDrive intelligent system, hill descent control and dynamic stability control render excellent handling, stability and traction for a wide range of weather and terrain conditions.

The 2008 X3 models are a carryover from the year 2007. Looking at the noteworthy changes, active front headrests have become standard feature and the dynamic stability control system of the model incorporated a rollover sensor.

The on-road price of the model was about 35,510 US Dollars and it has been quite successful in the market. Off-late the 2009 BMW X3 has entered the market and it is expected to do even better than its predecessor, featuring loads of safety features and improvised off-road capabilities, making it a truly versatile vehicle. It is one of the rare beauties, which has no direct comparable competitors in the market.

Visit the following links to find more info on latest BMW launches and read many more unbiased auto reviews of the upcoming BMW vehicles.


BMW has unveiled its coupe version of the Z4 at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005. BMW Z4 is a, 2-door, rear wheel drive sports car designed by Chris Bangle and was manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is made bigger and more powerful than its ancestor - Z3.

Z4 was originally built as a roadster. However, this year a coupe version was eventually introduces to the automotive world. It exudes Bangle's controversial 'flame surfacing' design which is said to be aggressive yet stylish. This design is also noticeable in most BMW vehicles.

The stunner of the 2005 Frankfurt auto show was produced in May 2006. BMW Z4 comes in two distinct flavors - the 255-hp 3.0si and the 330-hp M. BMW's new Z4 3.0si is designed to be fascinating and fun. To grab the attention of the fanatics, Z4 coupe is given a sloping, double-bubble roof that tapers to the rear like a droplet. The front suspension of Z4 is also made different from its ancestor. Said suspension is based on E30 BMW 3-Series only that in the recent version, said is made more advanced. The bigger engines power outputs range from 170 hp (2.2i) to 231 hp (3.0i). On the other hand, the base of the car uses an updated version of the 3.0 L straight-6 N52 engine that produces 195 kW and 315 Nom. This is done to accumulate primed speed.

BMW Z4 is also furnished with tempting equipment. Its pride includes the BMW Z4 alloy wheel, electric roof, standard air-conditioning, CD player, twin front and side airbags, leather upholstery and sports steering wheel. Further, its electronic driver assists in the stability control as well as cover traction.

Prices for BMW Z4 3.0si coupe start at $40,795, $2000 less than its ragtop counterpart. Moreover, the price is almost $10,000 lower than the base price of its rival - Porsche Cayman.


Joe Thompson is the owner of a successful auto body shop in Ferndale, California. This 38 year old is also a prolific writer, contributing automotive related articles to various publications.

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BMW is poised to join the growing trend of combined coupe-cabriolets with retractable metal roofs when it unveils its next-generation 3 Series convertible in fall 2006.

The new 3 Series coupé-cabrio will replace the 3 Series coupe and the 3 Series convertible.Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot and Renault all have launched four-seater coupe-cabrios, but prestigious manufacturers have shied away from the concept, preferring separate traditional convertibles and coupes of their sedan-derived models.
So BMW's decision could give the Bavarian carmaker an advantage over rivals such as Audi and Mercedes, which have said they are sticking with traditional soft-top and coupe versions of their next A4 and CLK models, respectively. Paradoxically, Mercedes' two-seater sports cars, the SLK and the SL, have retractable metal roofs, while BMW's Z4 is a traditional ragtop.
What this means to you: Folding-roof technology is so good now that coupé-cabrio models are indistinguishable from fixed-roof coupes in winter conditions. Despite reduced trunk space, the extra practicality of the concept has proven to be a winner.


The BMW 3 Series models, E90, E91, E92, E93 and E93 released in the year 2005, were built based on the platform of E90. The E-90 has been under production till date. Looking at styles of these vehicles, they are available in 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan, 2-door convertible and 5-door station wagon models. These models are closely related to the BMW M3 and BMW X3 vehicles.

The current E-90 comes in various variants such as E90 as sedan, E91 as wagon, E92 as coupe and E93 as coupe cabriolet. These are designed by re-engineering the E46 model. The changes carried out in these include engine configurations, transmissions, compartment for the passengers, suspension technology and also tech features and options.

The coupe-style model is built on its own design whereas the former coupe was built based on the sedan variant.

The major features include

- bi-Xenon headlamps,
- comfort access,
- active steering and
- active cruise control.

The E90 model was the 7th most popular model in the Britain and sold more than 58 thousand units in the year 2007. The future vehicle from the BMW under 3 Series is expected to be released in the year 2012, which will make use of the train-drive technology, a concept never built and marketed till date.

So, just hold your breath and watch out for these fascinating releases in the 3-series line-up from the house of BMW. Guess what, merely after taking a look at the amazingly stunning future BMW 3-series car pictures, you wont' be able to hold back, to get your hands on these beasts. But, sadly as of now, all that you can do is to admire these lovely BMW car pictures and wallpapers.

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The BMW E90 3-Series was first introduced in Europe in 2005 and in the US for the 2006 model year. Starting with the E90 325i and E90 330i, BMW further expanded the model range to the E90 335i and E90 328i for the 2007 model year. While the BMW 3-Series is known for performance, handling and great styling from the factory, there are many BMW parts you can add to improve the look, performance and feel of your E90 3-Series.

E90 Performance Parts

Your E90 BMW comes from the factory with a fairly efficient air intake system but it is designed to minimize sound and emissions. This robs performance and makes your E90 slower. There are a variety of BMW cold air intakes available for the E90 3 series that will improve performance, flow and gas mileage. The aFe Dual Cone Intake for the E90 335i is the best option to maximize performance from the BMW twin turbo inline 6 engine. Available with a Pro Dry S or Pro5R oiled filter, these are lifetime units that can be reused and washed regularly.

Your BMW 3 series can be further improved with performance software for your BMW. The Juice Box 3 performance software for the E90 335i is the best plug and play solution for the 335i engine. If you are seeking a more custom tune, you can go with the Active Autowerke Performance Software which can be tailored to your specific modifications to maximize performance.

E90 Exterior Parts

The E90 is well styled from the factory but can be made more aggressive with BMW Matte Black Grills, BMW carbon fiber roundels, 335i shadow vehicle emblems and much more. Vorsteiner provides a full aero package for the 335i including the Vorsteiner V-35 Vented Race Hood and the Vorsteiner Aero Bootlid for the E90 3 series. These are lightweight carbon fiber upgrades that will reduce bodyweight, improve looks and aerodynamics over the factory body kit. In addition, the M3 Style Front Bumper, M3 Style Rear Bumper and M3 Style Side Skirts for the E90 will add an M3 look to your standard 3-series. These are direct install bumpers that will improve looks and aerodynamics over the factory standard bumper.

E90 Wheels

The E90 comes with undersized wheels from the factory so many opt for 18" or 19" wheels to upgrade the look. There are a variety of cast wheels for BMW available for your E90 3-series including the Velocity Motoring VB3 CSL Wheels, Velocity Motoring V710 Wheels, Avant Garde M330 wheels, Avant garde M310 wheels and Beyern wheels for BMW.

If you are after a custom set of forged wheels, then ADV forged wheels, HRE Forged Wheels, DPE Forged Wheels, Vorsteiner forged wheels or Alloy Technic forged wheels are all great BMW specific options. These are produced per your specifications and include the option of custom paint finishes, offsets, big brake clearance and more.

As you can see, the standard 3-series is a very good vehicle but there is much that can be improved over factory.

You can learn more about Parts for the E90 or any other BMW Upgrades at Jlevi StreetWerks.
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The New High-Tech Honda Accord with Euro Looks

Is it a BMW? Maybe the Audi A-4? Or the VW Passat? Le Peugeut? No! It's the new Honda Accord! Acc-ord! The name reminds me of French d'Accord! (Agree, OK in English).

And I agree. The new 8th generation Honda Accord looks sleek, dynamic, sporty and has a lower and a wider track for that solid, planted feel. Look at the new low slung, chromed angular grill, the new cool, clear projector type headlights and the muscular pronounced wheels arches housing the 17 inch alloy wheels.

The side view also reveals new higher waistline matching the perfectly raked roof line. The rear break light cluster is very BMW'ish. The new Honda Accord takes on asharp European design. Perhaps, the best looking Honda ever.

Furthermore the new Honda Accord has been upsized. The floor space is now lower and the wheel base is longer to provide more space, especially for the back seat riders. There's enough room back there to be comfortable, even when front seats are far back. The luxurious leather upholstered cabin environment is quietandvibration free thanks to the ANC (Active Noise Control) system and is a very comfortable place to be.

Our demo, the Honda 2.4 EL (NAVI) the top of 2.4 litre models fully loaded with all the goodies: dual-zone air-conditioning, front power seats with memory, (and lumbar massage for the driver) electric rear sunshade, cruise control and a sporty Formula One inspired paddle shifter on the steering wheel.

But it was the communication in-car infotainment centre that caught my attention. A real-time IT package: hands-free Bluetooth, CD/MP3/WMA (auxiliary input jack for connecting portable music players), and a premium sound system with a subwoofer. Only the high speed internet "Google" connection was missing!

And the "navigator" the Honda Accord GPS connected to a 40 gigabyte hard disc. For the music fans that's 3.000 songs. Enough music for Phuket to Bangkok back and fourth! The Accord 2.4 EL "NAVI" is probably is the best Navigator in the market.

The navigation screen is large and easy to read with a user friendly joystick and command wheel. No more maps everything is click-on: the highways, (byways) expressways, the u-turns and the bypasses, the attractions, the "aroy-aroy" restaurants, the hospitals and the police stations. When the car is stationary you can watch DVD movies or your digital "home movies" and when reversing it switches automatically to R mode: parking camera. A real time parking movie.

Everything connected to the on-board info-centre including your pertinent driving information: fuel consumption, average speed, distance to destination etc.

For the driver there is lot's of buttons to push on center console and the steering wheels. Every car should have multifunction steering wheel. Always two hands on the wheel.

Under the bonnet (the hood), the main focus is the new, second-generation Honda i-VTEC in-line four cylinder 2.4 litre 5-speed motor packing 180 horsepower. More powerful than the previous and more frugal. During our test-drive we managed 13 kilometer per litre on the highway and about 9 liter per kilometer in the city. And the good news. The new Accord is E 20 compatible (alcohol & gasoline). That's 20 percent Johnny Walker Red or Stolichnaya and 80 percent unleaded petrol (gasoline) 91or 95.

Honda Accord's four-wheel independent suspension features a double-wishbone design in front and a new multilink setup in back. On the road, the Accord is taut without being punishing, and the sedan recovers quickly without any extra bobbing after hitting a bump or dip in the road.

The safety package is comprehensive with dual i-SRS front driver and side airbags including side curtain airbags with OPD (occupant position detect ant) system. Plus VSA vehicle stability assist combined with ABS and EDB making those slippery curves less challenging.

In conclusion the new Accord feels refined and solid and is perfectly suited for Thailand highway cruising or urban driving. Just perfect for a Bangkok-Phuket, Bangkok-Samiu 8-9 hour long haul, if only the fuel, E20 gasohol had been cheaper!

Latest version of the Accord is ready to take on the prestige imported rivals from Germany. And really good news for potential buyers is that all the improve­ments and additional IT features haven't pushed up the cost.

The sticker price for the new Honda Accord 2.4 EL (NAVI) is 1.6 million THB. The two litre base Accord model is priced 1.2 million THB and the flagship Honda Accord 3.5 G (NAVI) V6 sets you back a cool 2.8 million THB.
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