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Vorsteiner is a high end aerodynamics manufacturer for European and Japanese automobiles including BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus, Bentley and Lexus. One of the first high end carbon fiber (CF) BMW parts from Vorsteiner was the CSL Trunk that is now known as the Vorsteiner Aero Bootlid for the E46 M3. This was inspired by the BMW E46 M3 CSL rear bootlid that was only available to those that had access to a CSL VIN number to order the OE part from BMW. Vorsteiner changed that with the debut of their E46 M3 CSL trunk.
Vorsteiner is one of the few high end CF parts manufacturers in the world to exclusively produce their BMW carbon trunks from 100% dry vacuum form carbon fiber. This results in extremely lightweight construction that does not sacrifice torsional rigidity to ensure their BMW bootlids are capable of regular street or track use.
Vorsteiner trunks are 100% made in the USA and are designed to meet or exceed road safety standards to ensure that your part is safe for daily use. In addition, Vorsteiner provides OE mounting points so that it is a direct and guaranteed fit and finish.
The Vorsteiner trunk is now available for a wide range of models including the E46 M3, E92, E92 M3, E63 M6 and E63 6 Series. Vorsteiner trunks are offered in single sided or double sided carbon fiber for a truly unique touch that provides a 100% carbon finish on the top and bottom. These Vorsteiner trunks are designed to reduce weight and increase downforce to improve vehicle stability at high speeds. The Vorsteiner CSL design incorporates Optimal Air Flow Dynamics to maximize downforce while minimizing the drag coefficient.
The Vorsteiner CSL style bootlid is designed to complement the rest of their CSL inspired parts including the E46 CSL Front bumper and E46 CSL rear diffuser. In addition, Vorsteiner has designed their own line of carbon fiber BMW parts including the E46 M3 GTS3 and the new carbon fiber lip for the E92 M3.
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