Thursday, 12 May 2011

astra new

In 2010, the market itself, but in 2011, showing the new Opel Astra from a bit of talk about .Independent of the articles on the site, looks like a post off-topic, but it is not. Because the new Astra a full wonder of design and technology Astra sharp lines draws attention to the design previously encountered Insignia. Always in my dreams adorning the front view, but still sevemedi─čim (though the price of both) is reminiscent of Mercedes C series. Of course, the difference is noticeably different and have a nice .Inside the vehicle while providing a complete environment of comfort and control. The pictures looked pretty wide, because I said the picture, but the eye to see when the test is really broad farkediyorsunuz. The center console has been so stylish that you feel yourself in a different environment. Of course, this situation, including the lighting when the new Astra ‘not satisfaction of the taste. Sports seats, depending on the car you make.

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