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 The BMW 6 Series hit the market for the first time in the year 1976. The first vehicle in the 6 series was produced as a predecessor to the BMW E9 CS model. It falls under the category of grand tourers.

The BMW 6 Series refers to the two generation models from BMW, both of them based on the 5 Series sedans. The first model E24 was released in the year 1976, which was launched as a replacement to the 3.0CSi and 3.0CS models. The BMW Motor Corporation, in the year 2003, released the E63 and E64 series, both of which are available in convertible and coupe designs.

The BMW M6 gives higher level of performance when compared to all other models released by the BMW. The competitors to the vehicle include Mercedes Benz SL, Cadillac XLR, Jaguar XK and the Lexus SC430. The E24 6 Series was released in the year 1977 and BMW continued its production up to 1989, while the E63 and the E64 released in the year 2003 are still under production till date.

The BMW E24 6 Series was released as a successor to the BMW E9 model namely the 2800 CS, 3.0CS and the 3.0CSi and was built based on the BMW E24 platform. The vehicle provided the 4-speed automatic, 5-speed manual and 4-speed manual transmissions. The chassis used in the E24 was much safer than that of used in the E9 model. The 6 Series model released in the year 1976 had the 3210 cc engine that produces 145 kilo watts of power.

Later in the year 1980, 635CSi that produce 160 kilo watts of power was released, which allows the vehicle to reach the top speed of 222 kilometers per hour.

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