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Now the 2008 BMW Z4 is being sold, and no doubt there will be many people going out to get their very own. This car comes as either a Roadster or a Coupe, and no matter which one you decide to own, you'll get all the greatness you've come to expect from a name like BMW. You'll enjoy the pleasure of driving this car and you'll find that the drive is amazingly intensive. The 2008 model of this car is better than every before, and thanks to a few equipment features that are brand new, this racy car that only seats two, is becoming even more attractive.

You can get the car in two special editions - Sport and Exclusive. These special editions are available in the BMW Z4 Coupe as well as the BMW Z4 Roadster. They come along with some great premium equipment packages in them, and because of the new editions, this car is emerging as a fascinating car that you are sure to love.

The power train technology in the Z4 has been further refined for the model year of 2008. All of the six cylinder models have a very innovative and special rear axle transmission. This allowed BMW to optimize the fuel consumption even more and also allowed them to reduce the emission levels as well. So, these cars are now reaching their optimum levels of efficiency ever in the year 2008. With all of these new upgrades, BMW is showing that it has the ability to offer great driving dynamics as well as excellent fuel consumption by using great new technical innovations on the cars.

One of the ways that BMW has been able to reduce the emission levels and fuel consumption in these cars is by using the Special BMW Efficient Dynamics strategy that is now being used in all of the cars that are made by BMW. This includes using a special friction optimized transmission that is in the rear axle for all of the six cylinder calls. Now, due to these new innovations, these cars are able to strengthen further their position at the top of their classes, both in emission levels and fuel economy as well.

The Edition Exclusive

One of the editions offered on the 2008 BMW Z4 is the Edition Exclusive. This equipment package is available for both the Coupe and the Roadster alike. Both the interior and the exterior show the elegance and lavish luxury of this special edition. The cars come with special seats for both the front passenger and the driver that are heated. The sport steering wheel is leather clad as well. On the exterior of the car you'll notice that there are special attractive body paints offered that are metallic in nature. Some of the paint colors that you can choose from include Sapphire Black, Status, Silver Grey, Monaco Blue, as well as Titanium Silver.

You an also choose the seat covers that you want in the car. The leather is soft nappy and you can choose from Syrah Blue, Amarone, and Carmel for the interior color. There are also other leather features you can get optionally as well. You can get leather on the center console and the roll over bar as well. The interior trim can be leather wrapped or it can be done is special high gloss piano finish as well. This package can also be combined with other equipment packages, such as Open Air, Advantage, and Sport.

The Edition Sport

The other edition that you can choose for your 2008 BMW Z4 is the Edition Sport. This is a bit different than the Edition Exclusive. It offers special color combinations for the interior upholstery, the trim, and for the exterior of the car as well. Also, you can get special M sport seats in the Edition Sport as well. Some of the colors you can get on the exterior include metallic colors like Silver Grey, Carbon Black, Titanium Silver, Montego Blue, and Sapphire Black. For the leather seats in the car you can choose from New England Bicolor seats that come in Phoenix Yellow, Estoril Blue, and Silverstone and Imola Red. You can get the same bi color look on the trim as well. Also, you can choose light alloy wheels for the vehicle, which includes alloys in the special V spoke 152 design as well.

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