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BMW is one of the best German car manufacturers that has been producing a lot of quality vehicles worldwide. Manufactured since 1988, the BMW M3 is one of the best products from BMW. The M3 model is the combination of some concepts from the other BMW products such as E46, E30, E36, E90-E9 and the 3-series.
If you look at the bodywork, the 2010 BMW M3 is very different from the previous versions. The change from the previous versions is not only from the bodywork, but also the performance of engines and some other important elements. As the results, the engine performance becomes more responsive and more powerful, and also becomes easier to drive with the improvements of the handling and the suspension system.

The examiner believes that BMW M3 car can be controlled easily; most of them were impressed with its 6-speed manual transmission with M double-clutch as an optional. BMW M3 car is equipped with a 4.0 liter V8 engine that can produces 404 hp at 8.300 rpm and the maximum top speed is 155 mph.
BMW M3 car is also equipped with a sport-tuned M suspension system that will assist the performance of the rear wheel, because the propulsion system is the rear wheel 6-speed manual transmission. Meanwhile, for safety features, the BMW M3 is equipped with emergency braking assist traction control, headlamp high pressure washers front fog lights, stability control front side-mounted airbags, plus ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) and Dynamic Brake Control that will make the vehicle safe and stable during braking.
For the exterior, this vehicle has a very good shape, because this car uses 18 x 9.0 inch for the rear tires while for the front tires uses 18 x 8.0 inch. Moreover, the 2010 BMW M3 is equipped with sunroof glass, variable intermittent wipers power convertible roof, power opening rear quarter windows and rear glass rear window defogger that will make the appearance of this vehicle looks very cool like a custom car.
The 2010 BMW M3 can accommodate four passengers only, for convenience maybe a lot of criticisms complain about the rear seat that is too narrow. Maybe BMW M3 car is not comfortable when carrying five adult passengers, because of the too-narrow rear seat.
The other criticisms about BMW M3 car are the cargo space that is too small and the electronic controls that can be confusing. But overall, this car is very good and still sought after by many people. Analysts and vehicle examiners believe that this car has a good shape and incredible engine.
In the market, the price for a unit of this car is approximately $53.681 - $64.655, but with prices like that, the 2010 BMW M3 can be categorized as a luxury sports car. Volvo C70, Acura NSX, Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class and the Audi S4 are comparable vehicles with this vehicle. The 2010 BMW M3 is available in three types of body style i.e. convertible, coupe and sedan.
For those who are interested in buying a used car, the price of a used BMW M3 is approximately $ 11.900 - $ 59.991, depending on year's the production and mileage. And there are many ways to get it; you can buy it at BMW dealerships, used car websites or buying used car for sale by owner.
To get a quality car, you don't have to pay a lot because there are lots of cheap used cars available and they are still in very good condition.

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